Servisio pa Atministrashon i Maneho di Tereno Públiko (Domeinbeheer) forms part of the Ministry of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning.

Domeinbeheer is the official institution of the Government of Curaçao in charge of the following tasks concerning terrains, beaches, water, buildings and other real estate of the government:

  • Development of policy and tools that enable management and administration
  • Acquisition of rights
  • Financial and administrative management
  • Development and exploitation
  • Technical planning of the infrastructure needed for the subdivision into plots and technical guide for the preparation of construction and housing on government parcels
  • Make government property available for construction of cultivation by renting, leasing, managing or selling the property
  • Register government property
  • Management and upkeep of government buildings
  • As part of law enforcement, inspect and supervise the correct use of real estate, as stated in contracts

Domeinbeheer thus is responsible for making government terrain available to citizens or businesses for the purpose of building houses or for commercial, industrial, touristic or agricultural use. On behalf of the government, Domeinbeheer collects lease or rent from users of government property.

Domeinbeheer also checks if government territory is being occupied illegally and takes action against this.

In other words, Domeinbeheer’s task is to provide terrains for everyone. The way Domeinbeheer and each citizen deals with these terrains however, always has to be correct.