New Policy

The Ministry of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning has set a deadline. A new policy has been introduced which does not tolerate illegal occupation any more. This new policy of Zero Tolerance means that actions are taken whenever terrain is occupied illegally.


  • existing illegal occupation is stopped or formalized using possibilities supplied by law, regulations or policy
  • actions are taken against new cases of illegal occupation

Besides the illegal occupation of government territory, construction on these terrains has to stop also. The government will not tolerate or formalize new constructions. Existing cases however could qualify for formalization.


Detailed satellite photos of all places on Curaçao have been taken showing all constructions, roads and terrains of Curaçao. This so called ‘baseline’ will be used to distinguish existing cases of occupation from new cases.

Law enforcement procedure

As soon as an illegal occupation is detected, a warning sign is put up, indicating that all activities must stop and that the terrain has to be brought back to its original form.

Also, as soon as is established which person or organization is responsible for the illegal occupation, an official letter is sent to the responsible entity. If despite of the sign (and letter) illegal activities are not stopped, the government can bulldozer any constructions on the terrain.

Terrains that become available due to this procedure can be assigned in time by Domeinbeheer to people who have legally petitioned a terrain from the government