Illegal Occupation

So, terrains for everyone, but handled correctly. Sometimes however government territory is not used correctly. That is called illegal occupation of government terrain.

We speak of illegal occupation of government terrain when a person or organization occupies a territory without having a legal claim to do so. Legal claims can be a lease or a rent contract.

Categories of illegal occupation

Government terrain is occupied illegally for several reasons:

For construction:

  1. to construct houses or commercial buildings

Other reasons:

  1. to dig for gravel or other primal materials
  2. to get free water to fill a swimming pool for example
  3. to dump garbage
  4. to enlarge a beach
  5. to cultivate fruit and vegetables
  6. to install a container or food van
  7. to place a billboard or other advertising material

Consequences of illegal occupation

Illegal occupation is something very serious, with severe effects for our community. Government terrain is in fact terrain owned by the people. So whenever someone occupies a government territory illegally, the population of Curaçao and even the person occupying the terrain is harmed:

  1. The person in case can be persecuted and punished by law
  2. The people of Curaçao loose their property
  3. If not enough control is exercised, morals decline as illegal actions may seem to be acceptable
  4. Non compliance with the guidelines of the ‘Eilandelijk Ontwikkelingsplan’ (Island urbanization plan) have negative consequences
  5. Economic and housing development is disturbed
  6. An unproportioned increase of the waiting list for terrains at Domeinbeheer result in inequality
  7. The urban structure of the city and neighborhoods becomes unorganized
  8. Development of terrains gets out of hand
  9. Distribution of terrains is inconvenient
  10. Costs of construction of roads, water pipelines, electricity cables and cables for telecommunications increases
  11. Maintenance work are delayed or postponed
  12. The government can not collect leases or taxes on terrains
  13. Disposal of garbage has a negative impact on the environment
  14. Disposal of garbage has a negative impact on healthcare and leads to higher costs
  15. Digging for gravel results in erosion and ugly landscapes
  16. A bad infrastructure and ugly landscapes has a negative impact on tourism
  17. Enlargement of beaches damages the shape of Curaçao
  18. Enlargement of beaches lead to change in sea currents and affects other beaches
  19. Enlargement of beaches damages our coral riff