Domeinbeheer works hard to improve its products and services, to fulfill the wishes of the inhabitants of Curaçao.


In this context several projects have been started:

  • The building of 134 social houses in Sapaté, Montaña ‘Bou, Tera Kòrá, Barber and Bonam, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and the Kas Popular Foundation
  • A Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) between large project developers and the government to build affordable housing
  • Several PPP-projects are already being executed in Tra’i Seru, Santa Catharina, Sapaté and Montaña ’Bou

Other projects will soon be realized:

  • A Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) between small project developers and the government to build modest houses
  • Construction of houses that can be expanded in the future in Sapaté – phase III
  • Construction of housing based on PPP in Montaña ’Bou phase II and in Bonam on parcel 85
  • Construction of 110 houses in Sapaté for people aged 55 or older, build with the future in view: accessibility of wheelchairs, in house caretaking and high level of security

Waiting List

Domeinbeheer is working hard to distribute more terrains in the future. Work is being done to deal more efficiently with the waiting list of people who have petitioned a terrain from the government:

  • The list is being updated
  • A dynamic system will be introduced that will enable a faster distribution of terrains